Trajectories and Origins 2. Survey on population diversity in France.

You are currently visiting the TeO2 survey website. The TeO2 survey (2019-2020) took place a decade after the first TeO survey (2008-2009).

The ’Trajectories and Origins 2’ (TeO2) survey is a statistical survey conducted by both INED and INSEE. It is the second edition of a survey conducted in 2008-2009, which produced national statistics on the diversity of populations in metropolitan France and allowed researchers to study the influence of migratory origins on individuals’ trajectories.

The TeO2 survey attempts to measure the impact of origins on access to the main resources that define one’s place in society: housing, education, language skills, employment, public services and social benefits, health, social and family relations, nationality, citizenship, etc.

To do so, it is indispensable to study the links between origins and other differentiating factors in French society, such as social background, gender, age, level of education, income and neighborhood. 

The TeO2 survey questionnaire, conducted among more than 27,000 respondents from July 2019 to November 2020, aims at studying the living conditions and trajectories of individuals. The entire population residing in metropolitan France was eligible for the survey.

The second edition of the TeO survey is the result of significant public demand.

The production of the survey is rigorously controlled by the institutions that supervise French official statistics (CNIS, CNIL, Label Committee).

What is the TeO2 survey?

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