• Presentation of the TeO2 survey (paper to be cited when using TeO2):

Beauchemin, Cris, Ichou, Mathieu, Simon, Patrick & the TeO2 survey design team (2023), Trajectories and Origins 2 (2019–2020): A Survey on Population Diversity in France, Population, Vol. 78, p. 11-28.


  • List of publications using the TeO2 survey:

See the Zotero library.


  • First findings:

Lê, J., Simon P. & Coulmont, B. (2022), The diversity of origins and the mix of unions progress over the generations, Insee Première, Issue 1910, published on: 05/07/2022.

Beauchemin, C., Ichou, M., Simon, P. & the TeO2 Team (2022), Immigrant families: rising educational levels across generations but persistent inequalities, Population and Societies, Issue 602, July-August 2022.

Lê, J., Rouhban, O., Tanneau, P., Beauchemin, C., Ichou, M. & Simon P. (2022), Over 10 years, increase in perceived discrimination, especially for women and for sexist reasons. , Insee Première, Issue 1911, published on: 05/07/2022.


  • Survey methodology:

Thao Khamsing, W., Guin, O., Merly-Alpa, T. et Paliod, N. (2022), Trajectories and Origins 2 Survey. From conception to realization, Documents de travail, n°2022/02, published on: 21/07/2022.


  • Working papers:

Stable URL to the TeO2 working papers on INED’s institutional repository, ArchIned: here.


  • Publications from the first edition:

For publications from the first edition of the survey, TeO1: click here.