Survey producers



The French Institute for Demographic Studies or INED, is a public research institute specialized in population studies that works in partnership with the academic community at the national and international levels.

INED is a multidisciplinary institute working in various fields of population studies: fertility, mortality, migration, family, economics, public health, geography and history. 

INED’s mission is to study populations in all their aspects, to train students in and through research, to inform public authorities and the public on demographic issues and to disseminate French demographic work internationally.



The National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) is a public institution, part of the French Ministry of the Economy and Finance. Its mission is to collect, analyze and disseminate statistical information on the French economy and society throughout its territory. 

This information is relevant to public authorities, administrations, local authorities, trade unions, businesses, medias, researchers, teachers, students and individuals. It enables them to enrich their knowledge, carry out studies, make projections and adopt policies.

Working groups and committees

INED and INSEE have joined forces to produce the TeO2 survey.

The project management is shared equally between INED and INSEE: both parties are jointly involved in all stages of the survey design and analysis.

Several committees discuss the progress of the survey and take key decisions. 


Steering committee

Composed of representatives of the different partner institutions of the survey, the steering committee: 

  • ensures that the objectives of the survey are met,
  • monitors the progress of the preparation and implementation phases,
  • takes strategic decisions. 


Scientific Council 

As an advisory body, the scientific council may be asked for its opinion by either INED or INSEE in the event of difficulties in the preparation and implementation of the survey.


Working Group


The survey was designed by a project management team composed of INED researchers (Cris Beauchemin, Mathieu Ichou and Patrick Simon) and INSEE statisticians (Marie Reynaud, Sylvie Le Minez, Jérôme Lê and Willy Thao Khamsing).

They were supported, for the creation of the questionnaire and then for the first analyses of the data, by a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional working group set up in 2017.

This working group is responsible for 

  • at first, the design of the questionnaire (design group);
  • then, the first analyses of the survey data (analysis group).


Monitoring Committee

Composed of representatives of the project managers, the monitoring committee is responsible for the operational monitoring of the survey: progress and coordination of the various stages, technical solutions, coordination of the project managers, compliance with the time schedule. 


Funders Committee

As members of the funders committee, the funders of the TeO2 project are informed of the preparation and implementation of the survey. They are also informed of the results of the survey.