Institutional partnership and funding

The production of a large-scale survey such as TeO2 cannot be based only on the resources of INED and INSEE. This is why researchers and statisticians from different disciplines and institutions were involved in the design and analysis of the survey, as well as partners in official statistics services.

Associations and social partners active in the thematic field of the survey were also consulted by INED and INSEE. 

The publication of the TeO1 survey results was very well received by civil society and several actors expressed expectations for a second edition of the survey (TeO2). In order to present the survey protocol before it was carried out, a meeting with the main human rights, anti-discrimination and immigrant support associations was organized by INED. A description of the survey was sent to more than fifty associations and institutions active in the areas of interest (immigration, integration, discrimination). 

Indeed, the support of public and political institutions and the participation of civil society are important for the success of the TeO2 project, both at the institutional level and when the questionnaire was administered to the respondents.

Finally, the survey was made possible thanks to the financial support of several partners:

  • DARES (Directorate for the animation of research, studies and statistics – Ministry of Labor)
  • Ministry of the Interior (General Directorate for Foreigners in France)
  • Defender of Rights
  • INJEP (National Institute for Youth and Popular Education)
  • DEPS (Department for Studies, Forecasting and Statistics - Ministry of Culture)
  • France Stratégie
  • ANCT (National Agency for Territorial Cohesion)
  • DILCRAH (Interministerial Delegation Against Racism, Anti-Semitism and Anti-LGBT Hate)
  • CNAF (National Family Allowance Fund)
  • DGCS (General Directorate of Social Cohesion - Ministry of Solidarity and Health)
  • PROGEDO (Production and management of the data in social sciences)