Questionnaire design

The TeO2 survey, like the first edition, focuses on the social trajectories of individuals and on the analysis of integration processes. The questionnaire therefore focuses on individual trajectories and includes retrospective elements (educational, occupational, family and residential trajectories). Particular attention is given to the collection of information on respondents’ geographical, social, cultural and residential origins. 

Each sphere of the respondent’s life is examined in depth in a dedicated module. With the exception of a minor change in the titles of the modules, their list is identical to the first edition. As in the 2008-2009 survey, the main themes covered are

  • family and social environment (family environment, marital history, social relationships)
  • access to different resources of social life (education, housing, employment, health, civic life)
  • various dimensions of origins and belonging (links with the country of origin, religion, languages, self-image and the perception from others). 

The topic of discrimination is covered across different modules. The perceived motives for discrimination can be very diverse: origin, but also gender, religion, disability, sexual orientation, place of residence, etc.

Compared to TeO1, the TeO2 contains developments to allow new studies on several themes and in particular on the following topics: 

  • the consequences of pre-migration characteristics on the socioeconomic trajectories of migrants;
  • the impact of migrants’ legal trajectories (administrative status) on their integration conditions;
  • the health behaviors of immigrant populations and their integration into the French health care system;
  • the social trajectories of the grandchildren of immigrants (the ’third generation’).